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Experienced sound engineer, sound designer and academic lecturer. Recorded, mixed and produced dozens of albums and hundreds of songs in a very wide spectrum of musical genres. As a Sound Designer cooperated and maintained many projects including game audio and movies audio design. 

Has extensive experience in mixing in both analog and digital environments. His motto is open mind, creativity and skillful empathy when cooperating with directors and musicians/music producers. Despite his love of analog studio gear and traditional music production he is also passionate about new technologies – especially immersive audio.

He was a lecturer in AGH University of Science and technology. Now teaches audio production tools at the AMA Film Academy. In addition to audio production he’s interested in room acoustics and recording studio design. His biggest project involved cooperating in creation of room acoustics and electroacoustic design for Prusiewicz Studio near Kraków.

Almost all of his free time spends on his three main hobbies: climbing, coding and photography.

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